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N2O is the means to victory

During the game, you will always be asked to upgrade parts. However, you should always invest in N2O, so Nitro, as you get the biggest boost. Of course, you should not neglect the other upgrades, but especially tires and N2O make the biggest difference between victory or defeat in CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 Trick: The Tank

If you start a race, you lose one point at the tank display. If this has reached 0 then you would have to theoretically pause or replenish the whole gold. But there is a good trick: simply declining the time or the date of your Android or iOS device. So you can continue immediately, because the tank fills up automatically after a certain time. Hack CSR Racing 2 Coins

However, this cheat does not work with any version, because the developers do not want her to avoid the wait. As a tip, we can still give you that one might go into the airplane mode, if one applies the whole. In addition, the automatic time synchronization in the game must be deactivated.

CSR Racing 2 Tuning Tips

In order to beat the bosses, to get to the next level, you have to do your car. In the workshop or under “Tunen” you can optimize tire, transmission, engine, turbo, intake and much more. As already mentioned, you should definitely expand Nitro (N2O), because this brings you an enormous boost. Only in this way can you permanently defeat your opponents.

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More tips and tricks

There are still some CSR Racing 2 tips that we could list here. So it is always up in the level, because you get the premium currency gold. In addition, if you invite friends via Facebook or email and then play, free gasoline. If you log in with your Facebook account on the main screen, there is 1 free gold.

If you know more tips and tricks, just tell us about the comments.

CSR Racing 2 cheat codes

Finally, let’s talk about CSR Racing 2 Cheats. There are many cheats for the game app on the Internet. Most are based on the iOS version. This is how it is shown in the video HERE how you can easily gold or money cheat. However, we do not recommend using these funds.

These are not official cheat codes for CSR Racing 2. If you want to have gold or money in CSR Racing 2, you have to buy this via App purchase. With our ipps and tricks you should also go so fast.

We have not found any CSR Racing 2 Cheat codes for Android yet. This was our article about this game app. We are looking forward to your opinion about CSR Racing 2. If you have more tips or cheats, just log in to the comments.